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Penang Marathon 2018

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Penang Among 16 Destinations on TIME's BEST of Asia 2010 Guide PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 May 2010 21:15

Once again, Penang has done us proud by gaining the world's recognition. This time the Pearl of the Orient has been listed under TIME's annual guide entitled 'The Best of Asia 2010', a guide of the region's best experiences for Mind, Body and Soul. Under the title of 'Empire Daze - Best Budget Grande Dame', Penang was featured and categorized under 'Best for the Soul' among 15 other locations: Beijing (China), Patna (India), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, Sichuan (China), Simla (India), Shanghai (China), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Yunnan (China), Bali (Indonesia), Cheongdo (South Korea), Bac Ninh (Vietnam), Pulau Ubin (Singapore), homrong (Nepal) and Jakarta (Indonesia) which picked up titles such as Best Place to See Before It's Gone (Beijing, China), Best Place to Forget About Digital Media (Sichuan, China), Best Bullfights
(Cheongdo, South Korea) and Best Chocolate Cake (Chomrong, Nepal).

Penang was described as the 'was-before' fulcrum trade in Asia where China clippers would dock at our harbours to repair their sails and to stock up on hard tack and grog and coming to Penang by catching the monsoon winds that blew them between Calcutta and Canton.

Elaborating on the prosperity of Penang and how this state was declared a British crown colony, the article expended on the Eastern & Oriental Hotel and its architecture and history which was first established before Raffles and Singapore as well as the Peninsula in Hong Kong and that although these three buildings in different countries, Penang ruled as an eclipse of its own trading fort. Described as a destination for simpler pleasures and cheap affordables, Penang is illustrated as a location with nothing less than nostalgic feelings.


To read the article, click here:,28804,1988463_1989006_1989000,00.html

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 May 2010 21:31

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