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Thursday, 16 August 2012 11:02

Date: 17 August – 15 September 2012

Venue: Along the streets of Penang

The Hungry Ghost Festival is an annual month-long traditional Chinese celebration which starts from the fifteenth night of the seventh lunar month and is celebrated on a grand scale in Penang. The Chinese believe that every year, the Gates of Hell are opened for spirits and ghosts to return to earth and roam freely in search of food and to visit their living ancestors.

During this month, one will see makeshift alters erected along roadsides with the burning of paper effigies and joss sticks as well as the offering of a grand feast to the Ghost King and wandering spirits. Staged opera performances and puppet shows are also conducted at these venues on a nightly basis, not just for the entertainment of the spirits but for the public as well. For some, a feast will be prepared at home specially for departed ancestors who “return home”.

Tiong Guan Association in collaboration with the Penang State Tourism Development and Culture will be organising a series of traditional Chinese performances throughout the month for this celebration. Hokkien and Teochew Operas as well as puppet shows will be shown at various places such as Penang Road, New Lane, Mount Erskine Road, Fettes Park, Batu Lanchang Market, Thean Teik Road in Air Itam, Padang Brown on Datuk Keramat Road, Anson Road Market and more.



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