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Monday, 23 February 2009 22:27


Sunset Cruise And Firefly Watching at Nibong Tebal


   Witness one of nature’s many marvels while on a romantic sunset view cruise towards the river mouth of the Sungai Kerian, Nibong Tebal. It is also at that very moment that romance begins as the fireflies of Sungai Kerian glow in a symphony of lights as they try to attract their mates.

   You will be amazed by with the synchronised flashes of light gently hovering over mangrove trees that lined the river bank. The specific species of mangrove tree which attracts these fireflies is the berembang (sonneratia caseolaris).

   The beauty of nature, which in here presents itself in colonies of flickering fireflies along Sungai Kerian, is a natural heritage of Penang that is worth preserving.

   Fireflies watching at Sungai Kerian have also been lauded by many visitors as a ‘must visit’ tourist attraction. In fact, the fire fly is an icon of Nibong Tebal.

   The fireflies emit light at the lower abdomen not only to attract mates but also to scare away predators. Their abdomens are filled with a chemical called lucibufagens which in fact tastes pretty nasty.

   For the avid photographer, you may want to challenge yourself and try to capture the beauty of the moment through your lenses. But be warned not to use your flash as it would ‘frighten’ the fireflies and they might just call it a night and ‘turn off’ their ‘light’!

   For most people, the sight of nature’s ‘fairy lights’ flickering in the night along the serene Sungai Kerian will remain etched in their memory as nature’s gift which one must experience for oneself.

   However do remember not to catch these nocturnal winged beetles as it would pose threat to its population. Do dispose of your rubbish at proper rubbish bins and not into the river. Pollution will affect the growth of firefly larvaes along the river.

   Plan your trip beforehand. There are fewer fireflies on rainy nights and during full moon nights. Do take note that the best time for fireflies watching would be one to four hours after sunset.

   Aside from the relaxing sunset cruise, you should stop for a sumptuous seafood dinner at the HK Restaurant at the double-storey fisherman’s wharf and wholesale market at Sungai Udang while enjoying the fantastic riverfront view.

   The small fishing town is famous for its’ fresh daily catch and is located near the river mouth of Sungai Kerian.

   You may also watch the local fishermen catch octopus along Sungai Kerian and then opt for dinner onboard the boat.

   Finally, after feasting on delicious seafood and watching colonies of fireflies surrounded by the serenity of nature, don’t forget to buy some of Nibong Tebal’s famous prawn crackers or tambun biscuits for family, friends and of course, yourself!

How to get there?

  • Nibong Tebal is located at the mainland of Penang. It will take about 40 to 50 minutes from George Town by taxi or car.
  • If you choose to use the Penang Bridge, head south towards Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur until you reach an exit to Jawi, Nibong Tebal.
  • From the Jawi toll plaza, make a turn to the left and go on the flyover before exiting at Jalan Atas.
  • Make another left turn after Jalan Baru exit and at the shell petrol station to reach the Sungai Kerian jetty where you can hire a boat to go on a sunset cruise along Sungai Kerian.

Contact   :   Mr CH Tan 012-555 4873


* Please check with the local Penang tour agencies for tour packages to Nibong Tebal

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 February 2009 16:44

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