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Thursday, 19 September 2013 13:44

By Helen Ong

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Somewhere along Jalan Padang Victoria in town (opposite the Chinese Recreation Club), there’s an anonymous house which displays a simple modest plaque on the gate pillar.

It bears the words, “Penang Chinese Brush Painting Art Society.”

Inside, it is sparsely furnished with serviceable wooden tables and chairs. Framed paintings adorn the walls, and ceiling fans whirl silently above.

The ambience is calm and serene, as befits a venue where artists and art enthusiasts from all over Penang meet to display their works, and to learn about or discuss the cultured subject. Exhibitions and competitions are also held here.

In order to keep it running, and also as an added service to its members, there is some simple food on offer from Tuesdays to Fridays at lunchtime, courtesy of Rosalynn Teoh who looks after the place.

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The extremely modest menu lists just a few items, including two Hokkien dishes which have almost become extinct here.

“My father was Hock Chew,” award-winning artist Rosalynn explained, referring to one of the clans from Fujian Province in China. “This is the sort of food we grew up on.”

The key ingredient in the main dishes, of which there are just two, is a Red Yeast (Ang Zhao) Wine which Rosalynn makes by mixing red yeast rice specially imported from China, steamed glutinous rice and rock sugar.

This concoction is left to ferment for 100 days, after which it is filtered. The process results in a red, slightly potent wine, supposedly imbued with cholesterol-lowering and other health-giving properties which Hock Chew people have been imbibing for centuries.

It is also traditionally used as a confinement drink to give the newly-delivered mother’s recovering body much-needed “heat” and energy.

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Soft, beige mee sua in the Red Yeast Chicken Noodles is tinged a light red by the wine-based soup. Served with a whole chicken drumstick, similarly coloured, half a boiled egg and a good handful of fresh lettuce, this is a healthy bowl of noodles which won’t break the bank; together with the dessert of home-made gui leng gou (black herbal jelly), it costs just RM11.90.

The other noodle dish is served dry, the pork marinated in the red yeast wine, pan-fried then sliced and laid atop the noodles which have been tossed in a light sauce. Side dishes include some tasty minced pork dumplings, and Hakka Suan Pan Zi (abacus seeds).

Everything is home-made from scratch, including a cooling and detoxifying Black Plum Juice drink.

It’s a perfect place to immerse oneself in culture and cuisine, as Rosalynn, a graduate of the prestigious Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, also runs art classes there.

In fact, you can even take some of her work home with you: the delightful placemats, laminated prints of some of her desirable pieces, make excellent and unique gifts.


22 Jalan Padang Victoria

10400 Penang

Tel: +604 657 0054


Opening Hours:

Noon to 2.30pm Tuesdays to Fridays



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